Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kelly G Rogers and Debbie Wasserman Schultz--both patholocial liars?

In a recent comment posted to this blog, a reader outlined the masterful job the DA's office had done in researching and collecting business information from 12 different business sources and submitting 20 bundles of evidence to the court on 9-27-2012.

Kelly G Rogers appeared in court one day later on the 28th for his 2009 first degree felony indictment 32.45(c)(7): MISAPPLICATION OF FIDUCIARY PROPERTY OR PROPERTY OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTION.

You can verify the sources by clicking on this Collin County link, enter last name-first name and hit search. Then scroll down to the second page, second to the last from the bottom is the 2009 indictment. If you scroll all the way down to 9-27-2012, you see the list.
  • Stillwater National Bank
  • CG Operating -Lisa Gourley
  • Generational Equity LLC - Beth Schmiedel
  • Noble Royalties- Fred O Hull Jr.
  • Bank of America- Ricio Lopez
  • Bank of Texas
  • JP Morgan Chase Bank
  • Plains Capital Bank
  • Morgan Stanly Smith Barney
  • George Shipp - Owner of 18 Stonebriar Way
  • Texas Land & Petroleum Company
  • Ramer Concrete Inc - John Winger
So the question of the day; if Kelly G Rogers and Debbie Wasserman Schultz are both pathological liars, would Rogers continue to lie to Judge Mark Rusch on the assumption that Judge Rusch does not have access to the truth or would Rogers come clean since he knows the evidence will contradict him?

In other words, did he tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to the court or did this evidence incriminate Kelly Rogers and prove he's a liar? Time will tell as we have not yet seen the transcripts.

But as you watch this video, you'll see the net effect of being a pathological liar. See how she looks straight into the eyes of the reporter and let's it fly! In my opinion, people like Schultz and Rogers have been lying so often and so frequently, they've lost any sense of reality. First little fibs, then intentional distortions, withholding key pieces of the truth, then just flat out deception.

But when deception advances to personal investment schemes which NEVER pays back the investors but ALWAYS pays to Kelly G Rogers and his accomplice Carrie S Rogers, then it's called a "Felony".