Thursday, April 26, 2018


April 4, 2018. Today, former Attorney Kelly G Rogers was denied parole. This is the third year in a row Rogers was deemed not trustworthy to be released back into the public (Denial reason 11D). 

Frisco attorney Kelly Gordon Rogers was convicted of first-degree felony theft for stealing $1.3 million from investors in fraudulent oil and gas schemes. He was sentenced to 20 years in the Texas prison system. Under Texas law, his projected release date is June of 2022.  

Rogers stole money from investors who purchased royalty interests in non-existent oil and gas drilling projects, according to officials with the Texas State Securities Board. Officials described his victims as an Oklahoma oil and gas investor, two partners in a separate Oklahoma investment company, a neighbor in Frisco, and a longtime acquaintance.

In 2007, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filed a civil injunction against a group of financial companies and promoters that included Rogers who were offering fraudulent high-yield securities offerings.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Kelly G Rogers Denied Parole-Oh Happy Day!


Those who seek truth and  justice in the Kelly G Rogers case were vindicated once again today as Kelly G Rogers failed to receive parole. He was denied based on “Untrustworthy” issues (Denial reason(s): 11D). 

Similar to the denial of 2016, the parole board recognizes Rogers as someone who cannot be trusted. He can’t tell the truth. He’s a pathological liar who is focused on the CONN of the day, having difficulty distinguishing between fact and fiction. 

When he finally does qualify for release in 2022, he’d make an excellent politician where no standards are required. 

Thank you to all who wrote letters to the parole board. You can’t impact a majority of issues in America but you can make a difference in this situation. 

And you did. 

Monday, December 26, 2016

A Christmas gift to all, Kelly Rogers Still in JAIL!

It's Christmas 2016 and the Texas Parole board has placed an amazing gift under our tree, they denied Kelly G. Rogers parole. 

Thank you Lord Jesus!  

Yet this summer, an ignoramus commented that we were spewing "Hate" in our blog. They went on to say they'd "Pray for Us" that we could forgive Rogers and move on in our lives. 

LOL. Was this posted by one of the only two character witnesses at Rogers trial? 

So let's set the record straight today. The comment; 

"Wow, the amount of hate being said here is ridiculous. I will continue to pray for you all that you find peace with yourselves and can forgive someone. To continuously show hate and anger is not helping out. At some point, you will need to look in the mirror and ask is all this hatred really worth it? Will you be able to move forward from this incident and move on in life or just bring more hate to the situation?"

So a couple of points. First, this is obviously someone in Rogers' Amway downline who casually knew him (from tapes and functions) but never saw the damage up close and personal. Oh sure, they may have hung out at someone's house, talked with him, stayed up late with him, drank coffee with him, drove him around and even counseled with him. But they REALLY DIDN'T know the Texas version of him.   

In other words, they just knew the "edification" version of Kelly Rogers and not the man himself. And because of the "No"Cross-lining" thing, it was all covered up. The truth never reached this person. So I don't blame them and their ignorance. They were sheltered from seeing; 
  • The guy who went to his up line and said; Enough of diamond money, I'm moving on to make some real money. 
  • They didn't see Rogers who went through his down line and raised money for his fraudulent investment schemes, taking millions of dollars from IBO families and pissing it all away in various ponzi schemes that failed or were broken up by the SEC.   
  • They didn't see how these IBO investors lost everything. Homes, businesses, marriages.  
  • They didn't see how Rogers never apologized for losing the life savings of his so-called friends without even saying he was sorry or he'd pay them back. 
  • They didn't see the arrogance of the man. They didn't see the corruption. They didn't see the cheating. They didn't see the deceit of both him and his money grubbing wife who pushed the man. They didn't see the lawsuits and they didn't see Rogers file bankruptcy.  
Most of these families lost all the money they had saved throughout their entire lives. Now in 2016, some have recovered while many were forced to file bankruptcy and will never recover.  

Yet today, none of us hold hatred for the man. Most have forgiven him. We've looked in the mirror and already reconciled these issues. I know I have. 

But we continue to seek JUSTICE for the acts of corruption committed against us by someone we considered a friend. Since we know we'll never recover our money, we strive ensure the "Price He Pays" in "Time Served" fits the losses inflicted on each and every one of us "So Called Haters".  

Simply put, one year in jail was NOT ENOUGH. So we encourage you to write letters to the parole board to make sure justice is served. 

And as a collective group, we will certainly pray for you that the scales placed upon your eyes will be removed and you will see Rogers in proper context without the "Amway Thing" interrupting reality. Please, look in your own mirror. 

And for that level of ignorance, we forgive you. And if you have the guts, here's a  few lawsuits exposing the level of corruption enacted by Kelly G Rogers. I assure you many more exist but I'm sick of documenting them as I've moved on in my life. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Kelly G Rogers DENIED parole!

On Thursday, May 26th, 2016 the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Parole Parole board DENIED Kelly G Rogers'parole. The board scheduled the next review for May of 2017 and called it a day. 

From the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles handbook for criminals; "What if parole is denied? If an offender is denied parole, he or she is given either a Serve-All (SA) or a Next Review (NR) date. NR vote means that the parole panel has decided the offender is not ready for parole but that a subsequent review should be conducted at a specified future date within one to five years for offenders serving a sentence listed in §508.149(a), Government Code, and one year for an offender not serving a sentence under §508.149(a) Government Code."  

So the moral of the story, you did write letters to the Parole board and they read each and every one of them. The denial code was called an 11d but no other explanation was provided. 

The stark reality Rogers is absorbing this Memorial Day weekend is another year of his life is slipping away while locked up at POWLEDGE prison. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kelly Gordon Rogers Moved to the J. W. Hamilton Prison

First, we had to laugh out loud when we found this blog site set up by Kelly G Rogers. If you want to brighten up your day, read about Kelly Gordon Rogers: Investment Advisor. 

Second, Felon Kelly G Rogers was recently transferred to the J. W. Hamilton Prison at 200 Lee Morrison Lane, Bryan, TX. A lovely facility and this from a former attendee;

"The staff are okay but the Warden is very nice in my opinion. They have AC which is nice for the guys and cable TV. They cannot receive any books, magazines and no radios. It's all about their class and they have lots of homework and do the program 7 days week. Oh-and they are encouraged to confront each other on their behavior, have to walk with their hands behind their backs and refer to those in their dorm as their family. It's totally different from regular facilities and something for the guys to get used to. However, if he's serious about making a better life for himself he'll get a great deal of information to prepare him".

Remember, Rogers will be denied a parole hearing (scheduled for a year from this August) if you'll get off your butt and write a letter to the parole board and explain what he did to you and why he should stay in jail. You can get the address here.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Kelly G Rogers: A Convicted Felon

Kelly Gordon Rogers in Jail. Rogers was processed and spent the night in jail. His new mugshot is a permanent feature of this blog (look on the right). Thanks to our highly educated readers, we now know he was convicted on case 380-81036-2012 "Theft of Stolen Property" and will face his penalty on Tuesday, May 27th at 9:00 am. We also know the other charges will sorted out either by way of a plea bargain, OR the State will go to trial on each individual charge. That's up to Rogers on Tuesday. Either way, he's going away for a long time. Several victims will make appearances in court to speak to the bad character of Kelly Rogers before sentencing. Please, someone MUST be in that courtroom to take notes for the readers. Again, thanks to a reader;
Helpful Comment #1: (May 24, 2014 at 12:33 pm)
"Just an update on Kelly Rogers current accommodations. Since the jury came back in light speed with a conviction and it being a holiday weekend, Rogers spent the night in a plastic chair in the 'book in'. He will stay in the 'book in' according to the sheriff's department, at least until this evening. If he had been convicted on a regular business day, he would have spent the night in jail and then immediately brought to Court the next morning. However, since the jury had enough time to file out and go into the deliberation room, pull their chairs out, vote GUILTY, push their chairs back in, file back into the courtroom and render their verdict early Friday, Rogers gets to stay in 'book in for an inordinate amount of time. How fitting. I also noticed in the jail records, Rogers still lists the house at 18 Stonebriar Way as his residence. I'm sure this will be made very clear to the jury by the State amongst the plethora of other matters that the State will present in the punishment phase. The utter audacity of both Kelly and Carrie Rogers to continue the facade on other people's hard earned money is utterly astounding to me. I also noticed on Rogers visitation list he put Fred Sewell. Is Fred that delusional? Carrie will blame it on everyone else and the "plot" to destroy her family, when in reality she was just as culpable and complicit as Kelly Rogers in these fraudulent transactions".
 Helpful Comment #2:  (May 24, 2014 at 10:27 am)
"Just to add some clarification on the case information. Rogers was convicted of one of the indictments. What will more than likely happen is that when Rogers is given a significant sentence then the State will either offer to plea the others and run the sentences concurrently. If Rogers elects to be indignant and try the other six cases, then the State would try them and "stack" them or run them consecutively. If Rogers received a sentence of 10 years, (highly, highly unlikely) then he could post appeal bonds on the sentence. However that is not likely to happen since the State would have six more chances for a large sentence and also the extraneous offenses. So on Tuesday when Rogers receives an enormous sentence of over 50 years or more (as I suspect) then he will either plea the other 6 out or remain indignant and force the State to try the others. Either way, Rogers is cooked and maybe reality finally set in that it is OVER!!"
Helpful Comment #3 (May 24th at 11:30 am)
"If you look at the past convictions of The State Securities Board prosecuting through the Collin County District Attorney's Office, those who went to trial ( Karen Bowie, William Seelye and others) all were given 80 years to life on the first conviction, first charge. This charge carries 5 to 99 and when the State really let's loose in the punishment phase and adds the extraneous charges, Rogers will get a minimum of 50, guaranteed. Add the fact (unlike the other crooks) he at the time was a lawyer and Rogers' sentence will surpass the others. And if he pushes it, Rogers will come out with more than likely hundreds of years in consecutive sentences. If Rogers thinks in his warped mind that he will fair better on appeal, that will never happen. The 5th District in Dallas doesn't overturn convictions. What is a guarantee is that somewhere down the road, Rogers will blame this on his current attorney's and argue ineffective assistance of counsel, which will not work either. Rogers doesn't have a play anymore, this part is over,. Justice was served in the penal system, the investors, friends and others he financially raped will still never be made whole. At least Rogers' is in the process of getting what he deserved. You know what they say about KARMA!"