Thursday, October 31, 2013

Carrie Rogers Settles Citi Case--Kelly Rogers in Jail

Looks like Carrie S Rogers of Frisco settled her case with Citibank. According to the Collin County Website, the court received a faxed/e-mailed correspondence on September 27th that an agreement was reached between Rogers and Citibank. That effectively canceled the trial scheduled for the 30th.

However, in other news, Kelly G Rogers is in Jail. On October 29, 2013, Rogers was arrested, processed and is now in the Collin County Jail. He was arrested by the McKinney Police Department.

If your keeping score at home, this is the FIFTH time Kelly Rogers has been arrested. He currently occupies 3A Cell 11 Bunk 1. Bake a cake and make sure to include a file. Rogers was scheduled to go on trial in October but was rescheduled to February 17th due to a conflict with Rogers attorney.