Monday, December 30, 2013

Did Carrie Rogers' phone conversation land Kelly G Rogers in Jail?

The question of the day; Did a Carrie S. Rogers phone conversation land her husband (Kelly G Rogers) in Jail?

It's now becoming clear why Kelly G Rogers was jailed for nine days in November. He was trying to FLEE to MEXICO! A business trip....yea, right.

But how did that information bubble to the surface?

If you read all the comments on the Kelly G Rogers Report website, it's obvious someone overheard Carrie talking on the phone a little too loudly. We can only speculate that person then made a few calls. Act Now Bail Bonds reacted and took action to have the surety discharged and Rogers was re-arrested and landed in jail.

However, it must have been hearsay because Judge Rusch did not order a GPS tracking devise for the defendant. But Tom Benson of Act Now Bail Bonds was ordered to reimburse the $30,000 in bail put up by the defendant. He has filed a motion to vacate this order and get the money back. If he wins, Rogers should be arrested AGAIN and put back in jail.

Happy New Year everyone!

This hearing is scheduled for January 6, 2014.