Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kelly Gordon Rogers Moved to the J. W. Hamilton Prison

First, we had to laugh out loud when we found this blog site set up by Kelly G Rogers. If you want to brighten up your day, read about Kelly Gordon Rogers: Investment Advisor. 

Second, Felon Kelly G Rogers was recently transferred to the J. W. Hamilton Prison at 200 Lee Morrison Lane, Bryan, TX. A lovely facility and this from a former attendee;

"The staff are okay but the Warden is very nice in my opinion. They have AC which is nice for the guys and cable TV. They cannot receive any books, magazines and no radios. It's all about their class and they have lots of homework and do the program 7 days week. Oh-and they are encouraged to confront each other on their behavior, have to walk with their hands behind their backs and refer to those in their dorm as their family. It's totally different from regular facilities and something for the guys to get used to. However, if he's serious about making a better life for himself he'll get a great deal of information to prepare him".

Remember, Rogers will be denied a parole hearing (scheduled for a year from this August) if you'll get off your butt and write a letter to the parole board and explain what he did to you and why he should stay in jail. You can get the address here.