Monday, December 30, 2013

Did Carrie Rogers' phone conversation land Kelly G Rogers in Jail?

The question of the day; Did a Carrie S. Rogers phone conversation land her husband (Kelly G Rogers) in Jail?

It's now becoming clear why Kelly G Rogers was jailed for nine days in November. He was trying to FLEE to MEXICO! A business trip....yea, right.

But how did that information bubble to the surface?

If you read all the comments on the Kelly G Rogers Report website, it's obvious someone overheard Carrie talking on the phone a little too loudly. We can only speculate that person then made a few calls. Act Now Bail Bonds reacted and took action to have the surety discharged and Rogers was re-arrested and landed in jail.

However, it must have been hearsay because Judge Rusch did not order a GPS tracking devise for the defendant. But Tom Benson of Act Now Bail Bonds was ordered to reimburse the $30,000 in bail put up by the defendant. He has filed a motion to vacate this order and get the money back. If he wins, Rogers should be arrested AGAIN and put back in jail.

Happy New Year everyone!

This hearing is scheduled for January 6, 2014.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Carrie Rogers Settles Citi Case--Kelly Rogers in Jail

Looks like Carrie S Rogers of Frisco settled her case with Citibank. According to the Collin County Website, the court received a faxed/e-mailed correspondence on September 27th that an agreement was reached between Rogers and Citibank. That effectively canceled the trial scheduled for the 30th.

However, in other news, Kelly G Rogers is in Jail. On October 29, 2013, Rogers was arrested, processed and is now in the Collin County Jail. He was arrested by the McKinney Police Department.

If your keeping score at home, this is the FIFTH time Kelly Rogers has been arrested. He currently occupies 3A Cell 11 Bunk 1. Bake a cake and make sure to include a file. Rogers was scheduled to go on trial in October but was rescheduled to February 17th due to a conflict with Rogers attorney.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Carrie Rogers' Trial Rescheduled for September 2013

On April 15th, Husband/wife team Kelly and Carrie Rogers remembered to file a "Motion for Continuance" in case 199-04132-2010

On April 16th, the order granting plaintiff's unopposed motion for continuance of trial to September 30th, 2013.

The basis of the trial is to settle over $20,000 in charges run up by Carrie S Rogers. A final judgement was issued on 11/29/2010 but Mr. Rogers acting as legal counsel for his wife, "said" he sent a fax that was never received by the Mr. Adkins on Mrs. Rogers behalf. 
Kelly G Rogers must need some extra time to prepare for this trial since he's up to his ears in his own "Issues". Rogers has been fighting seven indictments for misappropriation of corporate funds, theft of property, money laundering and securities fraud. 

Rogers faces a minimum of 5 years to a maximum of 99 years per charge.