Thursday, April 17, 2014

Comment of the Day about Carrie S. Rogers

A Comment from a reader of the Rogers Report:

"Kelly Rogers is pond scum...It's sickening that he would go on the rip off report and try and ruin this mans business.

My son went to LCA and was friends Kelly and Carries son. The first time I met the Rogers I was given the outlandish details of the multi million dollar remodel. They spoke as if a mini Hurricane Harbour was going to built in the backyard.

Carrie all but stuck her jewelry in my face. It was laughable. I was disinstrested and unimpressed. I found them both to be pompous asses.

When I found out these arrogant buffoons were actually crooks sadly I was not shocked. I feel badly for the victims of their many cons. I hope they both pay dearly for living large off unsuspecting victims."

************This is a comment from a story appearing on the Kelly G Rogers Report*********

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